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New green solution for generating heat and electricity in homes

Wood pellet* micro-CHP unit KROPAT  

*also works on natural or bio-gas


Description of CHP unit KROPAT

The cogeneration unit (CHP) "KROPAT" is designed to provide private houses (and other small buildings) of electric and heating energy, using natural gas as a fuel. The unit is drived by a principally new and patented steam engine. The KROPAT unit supplies electric power from 1.5 to 2.5 KW and heating power - from 10 to 25 KW.


By replacing a conventional gas boiler with CHP unit "KROPAT", the users receive both virtually the same amount of thermal energy to heat their homes, and also sufficient (for standard households) amount of electricity. The consumption of gas remains the same, and the overall efficiency for heat and electricity is also at the level of efficiency of conventional gas boiler.

On the right photo there is presented the pilot sample of CHP KROPAT having been tested to work on various fuels - wood pellets and natural gas.

In Fig. 2 there is shown a scheme of the main elements of the KROPAT unit and flows of power, steam and water between them. All the elements of the unit are enclosed in a single steel case, except for the radiators. House radiators, shown in the diagram, are not included in unit, and can be replaced with another device for the distribution of heat around the house.


Case dimensions of KROPAT unit are 140*70*190 cm (length*width*height). At the entrance to CHP - gas hose, entering chilled water or antifreeze from the heating circuit of the dwelling; the output of CHP - flue, hot water or antifreeze to heat your home, the electrical outlet is 230 Volt for connection to electrical devices.


Steam boiler of KROPAT unit is equipped with a closed combustion chamber that eliminates the need for a chimney. The unit is fully independent from external electrical network, as all elements of the electrical system of unit, including the fan of the combustion chamber, is connected to its electric generator. For the consumer needs the KROPAT unit generates the electric current with voltage 220 VAC (by magnitude of no more than 12 A). An antifreeze can be used as a heat carrier in the heating system and the heat exchanger "steam-water".


Control system of KROPAT unit is fully automatic, which eliminates the need for user involvement in the work of the unit. All the necessary indicators of work of unit are outputed on the display and can be read by the user.


KROPAT unit is equipped with multi-level safety system: there are sensors and detectors for the levels of working liquids, temperatures, pressure, electric parameters and air thrust in the combustion chamber.


KROPAT unit is designed for non-stop operation during the whole cold season for up to 6 months, then user should carry out routine maintenance and preparing for the next work period.

Here you can watch the video with description of CHP unit KROPAT:

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