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Wood pellet* micro-CHP unit KROPAT  

*also works on natural or bio-gas


About the project "KROPAT"

The project "KROPAT" is the development of small cogeneration unit (micro-CHP) intended for individual users living in private houses. The main design challenge was the use of the external combustion engine, wich allows the CHP unit to work on any combustible fuel. Nowdays the prototype of KROPAT unit have been tested to run on natural gas and wood pellets, but it is also possible to use other types of fuel: usual wood, coal, various oil and gas products etc.

All development work of project goes underway in Russia.

More information about cogeneration and project "KROPAT" can be found on other pages of this official website of the project.

Solar CHP

Apart from combustible fuels, there are plans to develop the "solar" type of CHP unit KROPAT (or sCHP). In sCHP, the radiation of sun is collected by parabolic mirrors and concentrated in the heat exhangers of steam boiler. So the sun energy directly replaces the energy of burned fuel. The sCHP has large advantage over the usual solar panel stations (SPS) based on photovoltaic cells - it is the way to store energy so the electricity could be  delivered to consumer not only during day, but over night too. The SPS needs in electric batteries which are expensive and have limited work life. But for sCHP it is possible to store energy as a heat and convert it to electricity later. So sCHP can store energy as "sun" heat in thermal accumulators based on melted salt. Such accumulators are unexpensive and are not limited in quantity of work cycles.

Articles about cogeneration and project "KROPAT" (russian):

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