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Wood pellet* micro-CHP unit KROPAT  

*also works on natural or bio-gas


Last news about the project "KROPAT"


During last months there have been carried out an extensive modification of steam boiler, which has included replacement of heat exchangers, sensors and steam/water piping system. The tests have showed that new version of boiler runs very good both on gas and on wood pellets. But it turned out that the steam engine needs in some improvements if the planned power parameters of CHP are going to be achieved (2500 W - electricity, 25000 W - heating). So the engine will be reworked in nearest future and then the tests will be continued.

News about the project "KROPAT"


Today there was tested the pilot sample of CHP KROPAT working on wood pellets. Below there is presented video where the CHP unit was working in continuous mode while the steam boiler was intermittenly provided by pellet fuel. That tests of CHP KROPAT working on pellets will be continued after some modification of boiler, because it is necessary for effective conversion of fuel system from natural gas to wood pellets.

News about the project "KROPAT"


Today there have been carried out the trial run of CHP KROPAT working on wood pellets. On the photo there is presented the pilot sample of CHP KROPAT with pellet burner, pellet bin and pellet feeder fitted in steam boiler. The trial run was successful: the burner, boiler and engine worked smoothly and steadily, and alternator produced electricity. The test for enduring work of that pellet version of CHP KROPAT is planned soon.

News about the project "KROPAT"


Today there was fulfilled the first run of new pilot sample of CHP KROPAT. The unit were working on gas (propane) and below the videos are presenting the work of CHP with opened and closed doors. The next tests are planned for the nearest future.

News about the project "KROPAT"


During last few months, there have been assembled new pilot sample of CHP KROPAT. Unlike the prototype of CHP KROPAT, the pilot sample is fitted by the "dual-fuel" type of steam boiler, wich allows for user to choose between pellets and gas. All the CHP unit is placed inside compact metal case based on aluminium frame. On the photos below you can see the CHP sample at all and some details (through opened side and front doors). Soon the sample will be tested and results will be presented.

News about the project "KROPAT"


As planned before, today there have been carried out the "full power" test of CHP prototype with two-cylinder steam engine (650 cc). The electric power of CHP unit have increased 1500W. Below you can watch the video of test featuring the moment of increasing power.  The red digits in right upper coner show the electric power being delivered from altenator, the yellow digits in left lower coner show the temperature of working steam.

News about the project "KROPAT"


Last week there have been carried out the preliminary tests of CHP prototype with two-cylinder steam engine (650 cc). The CHP unit have showed the following results: electrical power is over 1000W on rotation about 500 rev/min. The parameters of steam were: pressure - 1.3 MPa, temperature - 190 d. C.

News about the project "KROPAT"


Last few days the one-cylinder steam engine of CHP prototype was replaced by two-cylinder one. The new engine was tested and showed stable work with planned characteristics. By using new engine it is planned to increase the electrical power of CHP prototype up to 1500 W.


Below you can watch a video demonstration of work of new steam engine:

News about the project "KROPAT"


During few last months there have been carried out some improvements in design of prototype of CHP unit KROPAT: the steam distribution system was modified, the alternator was replaced by alternator with permanent magnets, some new meters and sensors were added.

Today the improved prototype of CHP unit was successfully tested on wet steam. There have been obtained the following results: the mechanical power is 630 W and the electrical power is 450 W. The steam temperature was 195 C and the steam pressure was 14 atm. The steam engine rotation was 675 rev/min.

For the nearest future there is planned to carry out two new stages in development of KROPAT project. Firstly, the one-cylinder steam engine of prototype will be replaced by two-cylinder one. As a result, the electrical power should grow up to 1500 W. And secondly, the gas steam boiler will be converted to pellet version.

Information about the project development of CHP unit "KROPAT"


For today the design of a small gas CHP KROPAT unit is completed (with the electric power 1.5-2.5 KW and 15-25 KW of thermal power). Already there have been assembled prototype of KROPAT unit, which during testing have showed long-term and stable operation in cogeneration mode and the conformity of its performance to planned parameters. During the 2017-2018 years it is planned to boost the prototype to ready-fo-production sample, to get the necessary certificates, to receive the financing to start the production and to arrange the sales and service networks for the installation and maintenance of KROPAT units.


According to the plan in 2018 it is scheduled to begin deliveries to consumers. Retail price, according to preliminary calculations, should not exceed 300 thousand rubles. For comparison, several european companies offer gas CHP units with external combustion engine (Stirling). That units produce up to 1 KW of electrical power along with up to 26 KW of heating power and their prices vary from 14 to more than 20 thousands of euro (depending on various terms).


In parallel with development of the gas-type of CHP unit KROPAT, there is development of solid-fuel option based on the pellet boiler. It is planned that the level of automation and ease of use of pellet-type CHP unit will be close to the gas-type CHP unit.

Fig. 3.  Prototype of CHP unit KROPAT

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