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New green solution for generating heat and electricity in homes

Wood pellet* micro-CHP unit KROPAT  

*also works on natural or bio-gas



For partners, investors, and all companies interested in "electricity from heat"

The project “KROPAT” have achieved one of its goals – the working sample of “home-class” microCHP unit, or, in other words, home power plant with function to use excessive heat for heating the house and warming the water.


As it could be seen in this website, the KROPAT CHP unit is enclosed in one compact metal casing with limited sizes that are close to 2-doors refrigerator. This CHP replaces the ordinary set of home power appliances: heating boiler, water heater, outer electric supply from power grid (or other local supply: gasoline/diesel genset, solar panels or wind generator). The weight of CHP is similar to usual wood pellet boiler – about 400 kg. The control of CHP is computerized and fully automated and does not need in operator.


The KROPAT CHP unit is the first in the world home-class CHP that can work on any combustible fuel: wood, pellets, gas, diesel, coal etc. The prototype of KROPAT unit have been successfully tested in work during long-time runs on gas and wood pellets. So KROPAT unit working on “wood fuel” is the first real “green” CHP because all other ones work on natural gas, even the “fuel cells” CHP.


The KROPAT CHP units of “home class” will have electric power up to 5000W and heating power up to 25 KW. That technical characteristics are enough for majority of private houses even in countries with “cold climate”. But the KROPAT technology is scalable, and it is technically possible to develop “KROPAT” power unit with electric output up to 1 MW.


The main novelties and innovations lying in basis of KROPAT CHP technology are: principally new steam engine, new flash steam boiler, novel feeding water and oiling systems, original control system. The KROPAT project have been granted by 3 patents and 2 patents are in work process now. In fact, KROPAT CHP unit is an innovative steam small power plant with ability to use the excess heat for consumer needs. So, there is no analogue of KROPAT steam system in the world to have the same functions:

  • ability to work using any combustible fuels including solid ones (wood etc.);

  • automated working mode without control, tuning, oiling or water adding by operator;

  • small sizes and weight adapted for installing in private houses;

  • work in “CHP plant” mode adapted for private houses;

  • work in closed cycle with no need to add oil or water during long-time runs;

  • flue gases do not exceed the ones being released by ordinary heating boilers.

Another important advantage of KROPAT CHP lies in using low-cost technologies, common materials and components. As a result the cost of KROPAT unit is planned to be much less than the costs of other CHPs presented on market nowadays.


Our offer could be interested for companies involving in various power businesses: production of small and medium class CHP units, production of diesel ans gas gensets, development of power plants for solid fuels, and many others. We offer to use KROPAT technology to develop their own power appliances with new fuel functions and advantages for consumer. Our proposal includes licenses, know-how, technical assistance and working sample of KROPAT CHP, so companies interested in partnership with us would be able to develop their own version of “any fuel” CHP unit.


It is woth mentioning the KROPAT technology is not limited by the CHP industry. The KROPAT power unit (even working on wood) could drive various mechanical appliances including pumps, gensets, boats, cars, agricultural machines etc. And it is real to develop small thermal solar power station based on KROPAT CHP unit which will be working around the clock without expensive electric batteries, because the thermal energy would be stored in low-cost melted salt tanks.

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